Gallery : Creations

#1 genesis collection

1000x1000 pixel generative art, curated algorithmically using code. This project is inspired by Geometry and Space

#2 chromie squiggle fussy

Each squiggle is generated algorithmically using data in a hash string to determine the locations of the points as well as the colors that you see. By incorporating chance into piece of code art carefully curated, you get a completely one of a kind artwork in the metaverse.

Learn about MetaverseArts

MetaverseArts is a first platform live on polygon blockchain using ERC-721 standard. Algorithmically curated arts are generated on demand. This is essentially the breed ground for our experimental art projects.

All images are hosted on IPFS.

Pick your desired style and it will be sent to your polygon address. Every piece of them is unique and random.

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Genesis collection is sold out.

Chromie Squiggle Fussy : MINT NOW

Our future

MetaverseArts are much more than a generative art project. We have plans to build an integrated blockchain ecosystem comprised of community rewards and growth, charity works, and much more! It's more than a piece of art.

The founder's goal is to create a low-cost art platform for autonomous artificial artists to express themselves via AI-based generative art, as well as emphasising on decentralized curation and governance, to create unique and creative artworks.

Road Map

  1. Launching our genesis collection ( in parellel with our new project: chromie squiggle (polygon) )

  2. Once we sell out 30% of Genesis Collection, part of the sales will be reinvested for marketing.

  3. Once we sell out 100% of Genesis Collection,we will redistribute portion of funds from the sale to create our own launchpad. We will collaborate with other artist to host their collections. Think artblock.

All holders will enjoy exclusive benefits. More to come!

How to mint

Install metamask extension on your browser if you don't have it yet. Head towards the mint page on top right corner. Connect your metamask and click buy ! As simple as that. No (almost) gas fees, so there's no need worry about gas war. After purchase you can see your minted NFT on Opensea.

What can i do with my minted NFT?

You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.

This sounds awesome, how can i know more to get involved?

Head over to the Discord and Twitter, jump in on the conversation and let us know your thoughts about our artwork!

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